Blue Ball’s Free Smiley Emoticon Memory Game

"The most challenging Memory game you will ever play – all the Smileys are blue!"

5 stars on App Store

Blue Ball’s Free Smiley Emoticon Memory GameApp Store5

“Cool Game!! It’s Fun ;)) – For everybody who likes memory games it’s a cool way to have fun and earn free emoticons to use on the iPhone in instant messengers to stay in touch with friends and share your feelings.. It’s fun ;))”  ***** Jul 29, 2012 by Tom K

Blue Ball needs your help!

His friends have been captured and only you can set them free. After every 5 rounds of playing that you successfully complete, one of Blue Ball’s Smiley friends is “unlocked” and can be saved to your iPhone and used in text messages (you can also transfer them to your computer to use in your favorite IM program that supports adding emoticons!)

Download the app now for FREE and unlock all 40 Smileys!

Cute and Funny Smileys!

++Mentally stimulating Memory game that improves your recollection in a fun and challenging way. All the Smiley’s are blue and only their facial expressions are different. Pay attention and beat your best time!

++Great for all kids and “kids at heart” 😉

++Cute Smileys can be saved to your phone and transferred to your computer as emoticons! We’ll email them to you too after you unlock all 40 or upgrade to all 80 Smileys!

++Convenient “Your Smiley” screen shows you the Smiley’s you’ve earned – and the one’s still to unlock.

++Copy and paste the Smileys in your text messages right on your iPhone!

++Challenging Memory game but is easy to learn

++All Smileys can be used as EMOTICONS in IM programs that support adding them!

++Show your friends the cool Smileys you’ve unlocked!

Download it now and get your free Smileys!


Great game for kids – My kids LOVE playing this game and have so much fun “unlocking” all the smilies. A game like this has been long overdue, as even my youngest, a 2 yr old, can play. I like it too because it’s educational and helps tune their fine motor skills. Definitely recommended for anyone with small kids.


Love this game! – Not only were my kids entertained- but I kinda got into it too!They loved the smileys we downloaded in the game.